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The SD Polymer’s pipes of various types and colors produced for lighting have been favored by overseas and domestic users.Its elegant craftsmanship and scientific water-proof design are the magic weapons in gaining the edge in lighting application.Its pipes are even in wall-thickness,well-polished and flaw-less.The materials such as PC and PMMA are all from German BAYER.Outdoor lighting applications are always not satisfactorily water-proof.The SD Polymer engineers has made systematic innovations and achieved various patents.As a result, it is tested that the SD Polymer pipes are water-proof under two meters of water without leakage for a long term.Also it can be easily installed by abandoning the glue,which helps reduce much labor cost.As experimented,our water-proof lighting pipes have such advantages as below:
1.With simple structure,they are suitable for different length and absolutely water-proof;
2.It can not be deformed due to shrinkage during extrusion and they are good for keeping water-proof;
3.It has the reasonable structure for top cover which leads to convenient covering,and it prevents water-leakage.
The SD Polymer products have been widely used in the various large-scale domestic and foreign lighting projects such as tunnel,bridge,high way,building and interior decoration.
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